Haggai Institute

Haggai Institute is an international missionary organization active in 183 countries, named after its founder.

Dr. John Edmund Haggai was a successful Baptist minister and great evangelist deeply committed to missions. Back in the 60’s, he perceived that foreign missionaries faced greater limitations overseas. Hence, Dr. John Haggai decided to start a missionary agency focussed solely on the training of Christian national leaders to enhance their effectiveness in the use of their influence to spread the gospel among their own people.

Haggai Institute has nothing against cross-cultural, traditional missionary work. On one hand, there are countries where the gospel is still unknown, the Bible has not been translated into the native language and there is no national leadership. Thus, a traditional missionary task force is needed. On the other hand, Haggai Institute also understands that national Christian leaders can have a greater impact in the lives of their own people (they are respected as leaders, speak the language, know the culture and have no immigration hindrances). By being influential leaders, it is our understanding that they can multiply exponentially the outreach of the gospel within their own country. 

Haggai Institute has two international training centers, one in Maui, Hawaii, and another in Singapore. Leaders from all over the world are brought to these centers for 25 days and receive an intensive training. The purpose is to make them aware of how strategic their lives and leadership roles are for the advancement of the gospel. 

Brazil received Haggai Institute in 1979 when Presbyterian Minister Dr. Benjamim Moraes, pastor of Copacabana Presbyterian Church, in Rio de Janeiro, invited Dr. John Haggai to create a Brazil Haggai Institute to expand its vision and strategy throughout Latin America. Today Haggai Brazil has developed a great ministry, deeply committed to evangelism, fully supported by Brazilians, focussed only in our country. It operates training sessions through Local Seminars (one day), State Seminars (two days), National Seminars (seven days) and International Seminars (ten or 25 days).

Our last Haggai Annual Congress, a great celebration that takes place in the month of June, gathered 1919 participants. Brazil Haggai is growing very fast and is now working toward the building of its national headquarters.

I attended Haggai’s National Advanced Leadership Seminar in 2003, in Campinas, SP, and the International Advanced Leadership Seminar in 2005, in Maui, USA. 

After that I was invited to teach one of the eight main subject matters Haggai ministers in its national and international seminars. I teach Integrity of the Leader.

Besides teaching at our Advanced Leadership Seminar level, I am also responsible for the area of Brazil journalism. I write all articles, reports and news related to Haggai ministry that are published in our Brazilian website (www.haggai.com.br) and write about Brazil’s ministry to be published in the international Haggai website (www.haggai-institute.com).

Besides that, my biological brother, Baptist pastor Ebenezer Bittencourt, is the current Haggai executive director in Brazil. God brought him to occupy this position in 2001. Since then Haggai Institute has established itself in the country as a great national force in evangelism. He is doing a great job and I am happy to be part of this ministry.


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